Traffic Exchange

Version 0.2.5 [Oct 29 2021]

› Blogger Bot update

› Reduce video rewards. (add more options)

› Improve Shareurl

› Change Layout

› Reduce ads.

› Top 10 new credits.

› Fix minor bugs.

Version 0.2.3

› Select Random Referring url

› Select Random Blogger url

› Traffic Exchange options, open to default browser

› Add Credits by watching videos

› Minor bugs fixed.

and more...


» Automated exchange.

» Exchange Interval 40 seconds

» Support Popup windows (For popup ads)

» Supported link: blogger, wordpress etc also Youtube videos with Auto play.

» Blogger Traffic bots

» Shareurl

🎞 Watch videos on how traffic exchange works.

🎞 Blogger Traffic bots video tutorial


Traffic exchange tool android app is a application that allowed user's to exchange views or traffic to other users for free. The app use credit points system where user can earn credits by viewing other sites. exchange ratio = 1:1

How to use?

1) First download Traffic exchange app and install to your device. (ANDROID ONLY!)

2) Next enter your website links that you want to exchange to other. url must start with https:// or http://

3) Done!.


Website traffic exchange screenshot 1 Traffic exchange tools for android download Traffic exchange tools for android download Traffic exchange tools Screenshot 44

App Information

File size: 4.60MB

File format: Apk

Developer: Malitanyo

File name: traffic_exchange_v2_5.apk

Release: Sep, 20 2021

Update: Oct, 29 2021

Version: 0.2.5

Download link:
Mirror 1 [Direct link]     Mirror 2 [GoogleDrive]

Total Exchange: 126,645

3.143.52*** m/2b3s8d7j*****
44.84.89*** c_exchange*****
aee:c8ea*** ge/ads.php*****
73.6.128*** c_exchange*****
1.237.67*** p/s/z44Oqz*****
4.66.222*** .com/2kmOQ*****
3.73.164*** GCz91L7TwI*****
3.26.107*** GCz91L7TwI*****
73.0.126*** GCz91L7TwI*****

For more details on how to use these app, please watch this videos Web Traffic Exchange v.2 tutorial

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