Is legit or scam?

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I just spend $1200 a day on the advertising of I did not know what the settings where and got excellent help from support Daniel He checked everything and gave tips and tricks Very gratefull for his help!! We choose the poocoin adds Thanks for everything #PtcPat and #UFF


After a failed launch of the company I used A-ads to advertise for the company refuses to return the remaining funds left in my account.

After much back and forth via email there has been no resolution found.


A-Ads is a very helpful ads website through which I got very good results by ads. Moreover, the a-ads support center is very active. I got help as soon as I knocked


My first online money ever is was from a-ads. The Payment was quick and the support is very timely even on weekends.
Their stats is okay, (It might seem like they don't count everything if you don't know how their stats work.)
This is recommended for both small and large publishers.


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