NFILES - Cons and Pros as for 2021


2021-10-16 Earn Money Online is the most convenient mobile wallet for Filipinos to buy load, make online payments, and trade digital currencies. Approved and regulated by the ... 


  • Can buy regular load.
  • Pay utility bills.
  • Buy bitcoins.
  • Sell bitcoins.
  • Cash out
  • Easy to Cash in.
  • Gift cards.
  • Send and receave.


  • Delay transactions (e.g buying load it take 1-5 hours.)
  • Poor Help Support. (8 - 12 hours)
  • Poor App (Slow Loading sometimes disconnect.)
  • Transfer fans to other account like bank account sometimes it take 24 hours.. paying bills etc.
  • Account verification: [Before you can cashout or transfer your bitcoins. user must verify there account. but the big problem here is the proccedure. User need to submit the 1) valid id or documents, 2) KYC create a 30 second videos of your self, 3) You need to tell where your funds came from or your bitcoin source income.] base on my own experience it take almost 15 days to verify.
  • Change Phone number (3 days before completely change.)


Recommendation: If your purpose is to buy regular load or credit games maybe this app/site is alternative.. For me these app is not recommended for users who want to withdraw money. 


------- Tagalog nalang hirap mag english ----

Tang ina mo napaka hirap mag verify ng account sa inyo. Valid docu ko ginawa mong fake documents. baka bubu yong nag validate ng mga documents. Venirify ko mismo sa official site ng government kong saan ko kinuha valid naman sya. kainin monalang yong natitira kong bitcoin sa app. diko naman siya ma transfer at mabili ng load dahil di ako verify.


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I can't believe it! Bank transfer is more than 8 hours?!!! I should have known ahead and I never should have wasted my time downloading this app. I have urgent bills to pay and now my money is stranded on the app. 😡😡😡😡😡 It is very disappointing. - GOOGLE PLAYSTORE


The app used to be very handy because I can load on the go. Now I cannot even open the mobile app, even after reinstalling and updating, it only shows the wait page. It has been like that for almost 2 weeks now. I had to log on using a computer just to check if my account and investments still exist. --- GooglePlay Review..


Totally disappointed. Tried to send money to my family but it was rejected since I havent filed the Verification form. I didn't know it was necessary since the first notice only said about limit reduction and not rejection of transaction. Rating this 0 star if possible. Still has to wait for the poor customer service to reply once per hour. I am waiting for my hard-earned money to be withdrawn from the platform. --- GOOGLE PLAY REVIEWS ---


It's easy to cash in but it's hard to cash out! I just used instapay right now to cash out but it's almost 3hours I haven't received my money. It didn't reflect back to my account. I'm trying to chat with someone in the app but no one has assisted me. How will I get my money back??!! --- GOOGLE PLAY REVIEWS --


Cashout transactions are really hard for this app. Even buying a load takes time. Sometimes they cancel it. Better do something about this.. Its annoying and very frustrating!!! -- GOOGLEPLAY REVIEWS ---


This app is not good, it is very sensitive and cannot convert a transaction when you are a student and you do not have valid ids when verified, they will not accept and the process is slow. --- GOOGLEPLAY REVIEWS ---


This app is giving me hardtime for verifying my account, like what the!? My police clearance certificate's photo is kinda blurry, so when i'm taking a picture of it, ofcourse it will still blurry. AND WHY TIN ID IS NOT VALID!? --GOOGLEPLAYREVIEWS--


I have a verified account since 2017 until today which they required a new verification and all my transactions are flagged as fraud. I already sent all the documents, video and ID to verify my identity but still flagged as fraud and their customer service is so slow. -- GOOGLEPLAY REVIEWS --


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